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Mitico Media is a creative service & inbound marketing agency.

We CAN do a lot to help your business succeed!

Inbound Marketing

You can think of an inbound marketing agency like a social media marketing agency on steroids! We take care of you social media, but also create a thorough content strategy for all your digital properties like your website. We can create landing pages to help build your mailing list or get new leads. We can create content for you. We can run PPC, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads, Etc… Inbound Marketing is the full strategy that takes care of all of your online marketing needs. Why have one company for SEO, another for Web Design and another for social media marketing? With Mitico Media taking care of your inbound marketing, you can focus on the important things and truly nurture your business.
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Mitico Media Canada Inc is the missing link in your marketing and creative department.

We offer a wide array of services that can help your company succeed online and offline. We are a digital agency buy have created projects for television, radio, and print too!

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We design and develop fully functional, modern, responsive and elegant websites. We design each site to reflect your brand and appeal to your target market. Customized to meet your needs.


We optimize your website to be fully responsive across different devices. We ensure that all of the content on your website is optimized to help you rank in search engines..


What good is a website if it’s not visible? We make sure your website is “connected” through strategically targeted SEO and PPC campaigns, increasing your reach.


We work with you to create a new brand or redefine an existing one. Implementing marketing strategies and visual branding that is appealing to your ideal customer.

Content Creation

Graphic Design, Video/Audio Production, Web Design, Writing and more. We can help you create the content your brand needs. If we don’t do it, chances are one of our partners do.



Create the perfect social media marketing campaign for your brand. Paid Advertising and influencer campaigns, be an influencer for your brand or find one with our help.

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7. The “JV Discount” Technique

Tell your potential subscribers they will get a coupon or discount for someone else’s product if they subscribe. You could set up a joint venture deal with another information product seller. They would get sales and you will build your list quicker.



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